Ray Biemans: Clown, trainer & coach

Everything can be there: the fun, the grieve, the trivial and the sophisticated. The clown is a unique human being open-minded, living here and now. His humour is created by the way in which he deals with his situation.

The clown acts without prejudice, without objective, fairly, real and curious to know. The clown has the openness of a child. He is emitting pleasure and is prepared to say YES to everything. He goes along with whatever he is invited to. For the clown living is the ultimate art.

Characteristics of my work

My work (or my clown) is characterized by making connections. I put people in contact with themselves and with their skills. I will let them enjoy, discover things and cross their boundaries.


I have been working as a professional clown for several years, not before following many courses and workshops on clowning, dance, mime, improvisation, storytelling and cabaret performances. I work as a clown in nursing homes for demented and the elderly, for people with physical or cognitive restriction, for people with autism, for events of the CliniClowns and Clowns for Life.

I perform for large and small companies.
I play on schools.
I make street theatre.
I perform in private settings.
I perform at home and abroad.


For me clowning is a fine and right way to make contact. Playing with my own potentials and those of others and transforming impossibilities into opportunities by learning them to play in making contact. Surprising people (children and adults), entertaining them, and let them realise what their potentials are. That is what I do. I am trying to get people out of their isolation, offer them perspective and let them take part in life. I have pleasure in making contact, thus originating warmth, pleasure and surprise. Sometimes bringing one single moment of enlightenment is the highest possible. But that, for some people, is quite something. And from that short moment there often follow more: relaxation, satisfaction, a laugh. In all cases, to all people,with my arrival II will try to communicate a sense of happiness or relationship.